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Contemporary Black

Here at Express we specialise in offering exceptional contemporary black upvc doors. Advances in manufacturing technology now means that black uPVC doors are extremely resistant to fading. The colour is bonded to become part of the uPVC, instead of adhering to the surface as it did previously.

Contrary to popular belief, black uPVC doesn't look as obvious as some coloured uPVC.  Depending on the size of your room and the light available inside, the colour will not intrude too much. In fact, they can help to draw the eye outside – acting as a frame for the exterior landscape.

It should be noted that our black upvc is actually black/brown as shown. This is due to the light hitting the colour and in some instances making the door look brown and in others the door black. This is the case as black traditionally expands however with this colour you are guaranteed for your door not to expand and still look exceptional

Screenshot (238).png
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