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Upvc Doors

Doors traditionally let heat escape and cold air in, but by ensuring you have uPVC double glazed doors can bring you a lot of the same benefits our double glazed windows afford you. With such a wide and diverse range of styles and designs of highly energy efficient uPVC and double glazed doors, you’re sure to find exactly the right style of door to suit your home and your budget. 

We provide the highest quality energy efficient uPVC double glazed doors that keep the heat in and at the same time, keeping the cold and noise out. Our uPVC doors have all the latest locking technology available providing you with security and peace of mind.

Composite Doors

Unlike uPVC doors which are purely plastic, composite doors are made from different materials which are pressed and glued together under high pressure conditions. Our Composite doors do not fade or bleach over time, even when exposed to strong sun for years or decades.  Although they look like solid timber doors they have the added benefit of a rigid, high-density core to make them our safest and most energy efficient door range.

Composite doors provide the best insulation because they are filled with a thermal foam which provides insulation that is up to six times greater than a  basic wooden doors. Our composite doors use the latest technology to ensure that less heat escapes through your frames making investing in new composite door a fantastic way to reduce your energy bills meaning that they will pay for itself over time.

We have a huge range of composite doors so you’re sure to find exactly the right style to suit your home.


French/Patio Doors


Here at Express our range of uPVC Double Glazed French Doors add charm and elegance to your home. Ideal for opening rooms and fully open to connect your living space with your terrace, patio or garden. Our French Doors can be individually tailored to suit your needs.

Patio doors often thought of as being for traditional-style homes, they also sit quite happily within a contemporary modern home. Heat Express our patio doors come in a massive range of styles so you are guaranteed to find a set to suit both traditional and contemporary homes.

Not to mention or wide range of door furniture lets you pick every single finishing touch right down to brass handles, to ensure that it’s exactly right for your home.

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